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Coursevo e-learning platform offers you the space and technology to evolve your courses on the web

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Coursevo e-learning platform provides a complete set of services and tools to build and support online courses

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Coursevo SaaS: No setup required, immediate deployment

Coursevo™ is an advanced e-learning multimedia platform. Coursevo is being used in academic environments and in various research projects. The platform is targeting a wide range of audience, from individuals that wish to teach or train to organizations that seek for advanced e-learning, course and user management capabilities. It can be used to both distance e-learning and blended learning schemes.

Coursevo is offering the space and the technology for those that wish to find an effective e-learning solution, without having to cope with system setup and maintaining issues by exploiting the Coursevo's multi-tenant architecture

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What Coursevo platform offers:

  • The platform and services to develop and support your web courses
  • User profiles, user management and registration services
  • Communication and Collaboration services
  • Educational Content organization
  • Integration with external educational resources
  • Services and tools for video lectures, screencasts, slide sychronization and multistream presentations
  • Search tools for courses and content
  • Assessments tests
  • and many more ...