Services to support your courses

Coursevo offers a great set of services and is continuously enriched with new features. Coursevo provides you with a complete set of services to run and organize your course on the web

Course Presentation

Present/Manage Course on the learning platform.

Course Structure

Create/Manage course units

Course Calendar

Create - Manage course events

Course FAQ

Creation and presentation of frequently asked questions about the course

Course Grades

Manage course grades (final exams, lab exercises). Grades are visible only to interested registered users


Manage information related to the literature of the course as well as useful links to web


Create and Run course assessment tests


Service for time-planning and booking resources related to the course

Course Statistics

Various Statistics related to course


Various Statistics related to course

Course Rating

Various Statistics related to course


Present and Manage course announcement

Mailing Service

Present and Manage course announcement


Support for virtual discussions among registered course users


Support of live text chatting among registered course users

Video Conference Rooms

Video Conference Service with simple collaboration tools

Instant Messaging / Presence

Service to view online users and exchange instant messages


Support of Labs and Projects. Setting up working groups.

User Annotations

Ability to insert comments or notes on parts of the presentations by registered users and start discussions

Digital Content

Upload, Reuse and manage educational digital content

Present Slides

Present digital content with the appropriate web format

Annotations on Content

Create - Manage course events

Search Content

Search service for all course material and course data

Presentation Room

Multimedia services for live or recorded video presentations